Existing Energy Projects

The purpose of this project was to provide the Sheshegwaning First Nation Community with two micro net metered rooftop solar projects. This project was largely supported by the Sheshegwaning Community Energy Champion, Chris Savage. These projects were 100% funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) through their Indigenous Energy Program (IEP). JAZZ Solar Solutions worked closely with Sheshegwaning to provide professional services that assisted in the successful completion of the project.


After consulting with members of the Community Council, the Sheshegwaning Band Office and Health Centre were approved to have rooftop solar installed. Each building has 14.4 kWp of rooftop net metered solar installed. The photovoltaic solar modules will directly off-set the building's hydro bills for the lifespan of the systems which is typically 25-30 years. The savings from the solar systems will benefit Sheshegwaning First Nation both financially through hydro bill savings as well as by increasing capacity and knowledge of solar in the Community.'

Health Centre

Band Office