Health Services


The Sheshegwaning Health Centre provides health promotion and prevention services, specialized assessments, consultation, counselling, referrals, and support to the clients of the Sheshegwaning First Nation. Our staff are prepared to provide referrals to appropriate agencies/services, network with other First Nation Mental Health and Addiction Workers, coordinate clinics with visiting health care professionals and promote healthy lifestyles.

As part of our Health Transfer Agreement with Mnaamodzawin Health Services and Noojmowin Teg Health Centre, Sheshegwaning First Nation is privileged to have visiting medical practitioners who are responsible for providing primary health care services to the community. Currently, the Sheshegwaning Health Centre has visiting Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, registered Nurses, and Mental Health Clinicians.

Programs & Services

The Sheshegwaning Health Centre offers an array of programs and services:


Mental Health & Addictions

Brighter Futures/Building Healthy Communities – The goal of this program is to promote the development of healthy communities through community-based mental health programs, services and/or activities. BF/BHC provides information and awareness activities on a variety of topics (ex. depression, family violence and stress management), counseling services and wellness activities.


National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NNADAP)– addresses alcohol and drug abuse; promotes community health and sober lifestyles through prevention, intervention and aftercare activities such as:


  • Public awareness campaigns;
  • Cultural, spiritual and recreational activities;
  • Discussion groups and social programs;
  • Native spiritual and cultural programs;
  • Crisis intervention and counseling;
  • Sharing circles and support groups;
  • Support and outreach visits;
  • Treatment and detox referrals.

Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy (AHWS) - The AHWS Program combines traditional and mainstream programs and services to help improve Aboriginal health and reduce family violence. Programs and services include:


  • community wellness programs, activities and events
  • crisis counseling and intervention services to address mental and emotional issues
  • referrals to healing lodges and other cultural activities
  • referrals to health care, health promotion and education services
  • referrals and transportation to shelters and safe houses for women escaping domestic violence and their children.

Mental Health Counseling - The Sheshegwaning Health Centre has on-site counseling services with visiting mental health professionals. Should on-site counseling services be unavailable, the Health Centre will refer you to outside agencies.


Health Promotion


Community Health Representative (CHR) – Our CHR is familiar with the unique cultural aspects of our community and acts as an advocate for their client’s needs, guidance and help. The CHR:


  • Visits clients in the home and provides referrals;
  • Explains available health programs, health policies and procedures that the community members must abide by when seeking health care.
  • Organize community health promotion and disease prevention events, including:
  • immunization and well-baby clinics,
  • safety in the home
  • medication/ drug storage and safety
  • proper sanitation and maintenance of the community/personal buildings and grounds
  • wellness promotion
  • assist with organizing medical transportation to health facilities.


Community Health Nurse (CHN) - The CHN functions as a member of the health care team in the provision of health education programs and services in a culturally sensitive manner. The CHN utilizes the nursing process relevant to theory and research findings as they relate to health education, promotion and provision. Ongoing development and implementation of community health program planning, monitoring of caseloads and the maintenance and safeguarding of health records and information.

Foot Care - The Sheshegwaning Health Centre has a visiting foot care nurse available to provide preventative care and treatment for foot health issues. Contact Reception to book an appointment.

Diabetes Support - Education is provided on: Type 1; Type 2; and, Gestational Diabetes; as well as, the importance of foot care; and, nutritional eating. Community members have access to a Diabetes Education Worker, and a Diabetic Wellness Team including a registered diabetes dietician.

Visiting Health Professionals - The Centre benefits from the healthcare services which are provided by visiting health professionals, such as the: Family Physician, Community Health Nurse, Nurse Practitioners, Home Care Nurses, and Psychologist.


Medical Transportation

Coordinated Transportation/Medical Van - To assist clients with the financial burdens of medical transportation, the Health Centre’s Medical Van is available to assist on-reserve members. For information, please contact the Medical Transportation Clerk.


For members residing off-reserve, reimbursement for Medical Transportation is provided through the Health Canada Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program. For information and assistance with application forms to NIHB, please contact the Medical Transportation Clerk.

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program - NIHB is a program that is administered by Health Canada that provides access to certain health care benefits. Contact the Medical Transportation Clerk to learn more about which benefits are covered (dental care; vision care; medical transportation; prescription drugs; medical equipment and supplies).


Child & Family Services

Community Support Worker (CSW) - The CSW assists community members in early intervention with the purpose of prevention by providing assistance for families and children with educational programs, public relation and awareness. The CSW networks and collaborates with other service providers, to provide workshops on life skills, budgeting, social and recreational programs, cultural and traditional teachings, healing circles, advocacy, referrals and case management for family support.


Family Support Worker (FSW) – The FSW works to ensure the welfare, protection and best interest for the children of Sheshegwaning First Nation and offers support to those families who are in need of help in caring for their children. The FSW works with Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services in Customary Care, Family Support and mentoring Programs.


Youth & Recreation

Right to Play Community Mentor and Recreation Activator - provides programs and services to assist children, youth , young adults and their families to overcome life’s challenges as well as provide them the tools and skills necessary to live a healthy and productive life.


Elders Services


Drop In Centre – The Drop In Centre is centrally located in the community and provides a comfortable home-like setting. The centre is staffed with a Personal Support Workers (PSW) and has fully functional kitchen, dining area, and laundry facilities.


Personal Support Worker (PSW) - Personal Support Workers are also available in the community to provide client care, palliative care, and respite services for our Elders. Through the Home & Community Care Program at Mnaamodzawin Health Services, the PSW provides ‘home care’ services to assist individuals to live independently in the community. Services include but are not limited to: home visits, meal preparation, and social events.


Equipment Closet - The Sheshegwaning Health Centre also provides services to the community through the equipment lending closet, which maintains and loans various medical supplies and equipment. Supplies that can be signed out free of charge include but are not limited to: crutches, wheel chairs, bathing chairs/rails, walkers, canes. Contact reception for more information.

Food Bank - The community food bank provides members with food shelf basics and staples to off-set costs and support a healthy balanced diet.


Nutrition & Physical Activity - Healthy eating programs may include: Label Reading; Menu Planning; Eating on a Budget. The Community Kitchen is an opportunity for members to come learn to cook and share healthy snacks and recipes. Physical activity programs are seasonally based such as: Boot Camps, Mocc Walk, walking clubs.