Capital Projects

Leadership Center (Working Title) - Administration and Community Center Expansion

The program of expansion for the proposed Administration & Community Centre has continued to evolve during the interval between 2012 when it was first considered, and today. The fundamental need for significant improvement to the physical conditions of the primary Community facility resource remains an important priority. The expansion and re-organization of the facility needs to address three (3) fundamental priorities:


  • To provide additional spatial resources to properly re-organize the existing Administrative components;
  • To contribute more-conducive physical conditions for the social Community to prosper, expand and thrive;
  • To provide physical conditions that empower the next generation of Community Leaders.


The existing 5700 square foot (523 SM) Community facility constructed in 1988, consists of approximately 50% administrative offices and 50% multi-purpose uses. The facility is programmatically outdated and contains insufficient space for the re-organization and expansion of the current scope of needs. Most of the building systems are beyond their statistical lifespan and building envelope components, specified and constructed prior to the 1991 revision to the Building Code, exhibit poor energy performance.


The creation of conducive conditions for the Sheshegwaning Community to thrive, prosper and expand requires dedicated multi-dimensional focus on many aspects of strategic Economic Development. Functional supportive facilities are a central ingredient in providing a spatial foundation within which creative action at least becomes possible. It has been twenty five years since the initial foundation was laid to define the present Community organization, and the requirements have significantly evolved to the degree that need for comprehensive revitalization is now necessary for the Community to move into the next twenty-five years with vigor and confidence. It is a time for re-definition and renewal.


The initiative that is delineated by the needs described within this assessment will result in the creation of approximately 13,000 Square Feet (1200 SM) of new space that, once completed, will result in a finished facility plan, approximating 19,000 Square Feet (1765 SM). A capital expenditure in the vicinity of $7.5M (Cn.) should be anticipated.


If interested in submitting a proposal, please send an expression of interest to, and we will provide an RFP package when available.

Samson Edowishkosh School (Working Title)

The programme for the new school has arisen out of the need presented by the expansion of the local primary school population. This trend toward population expansion is seen to be a positive development for the long-term sustainability of the Community and appears to be on a path of growth for the foreseeable future.


The current initiative has been formulated to ensure that Sheshegwaning is able to provide an appropriate educational environment for the development of the Community, within the place of the Community itself:


  • To cultivate a stable local environment, where children are not fundamentally reliant upon leaving the Community by transit to access essential education;
  • To cultivate a ‘culture of learning’ on the land, that will have broader positive impact on everyone within the Community;
  • To affirm incentives for younger members to recognize Sheshegwaning as their sustaining home;
  • To strengthen the social connection between all members of the Community, and allow parents to pay closer attention to their children, during the formative years.



The present school facility lacks sufficient space to accommodate the school programs encompassing Kindergarten to Grade 9. The proposed facility identifies five (5) classrooms that have been appropriately sized for a 10-12 student capacity, addressing the needs of Kindergarten / Primary / Intermediate / Junior / Native Language. A Computer Lab Resource Centre is proposed to support program activities and to provide resources to assist those Community members seeking to further their education. A half-sized Gymnasium / Multi-purpose Facility is included to accommodate physical education, and informal learning opportunities. The proposed program identifies a Net space requirement of 10,177 SF (936 SM) that results in a Gross facility area consisting of 11, 342 SF (1054 SM). The Total Cost of creating the new facility is expected to be $ 4.6M.


As the Community transitions into a new era of developing programs that are relevant and aligned with cultural heritage and independence, the creation of a new facility that reflects this renewal is an empowering next step in this period of redefinition that is underway.


The first stone was laid in a Ceremony of Commemoration for the new site on Tuesday 29 May 2018.


If interested in submitting a proposal, please send an expression of interest to, and we will provide an RFP package when available.