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Sheshegwaning Election 2019

Elected to the Office of Chief - Dean Roy Elected to the Office of Councillor - Alana Endanawas, Nicole Bush, Albert Cada, Marie McLeod


Sheshegwaning Election 2017

Elected to the Office of Chief - Dean Roy Elected to the Office of Councillor - Alana Endanawas, Nicole Bush, Gene Cada, Lance Panamick


Sheshegwaning Annual Pow Wow

Join us the 3rd weekend in June each year for our Annual Traditional Pow Wow.


Sheshegwaning Kchi-Naaknigewin

Ratified - August 27, 2016

Signed into law - January 17, 2017

Odawaak n’daawmi Zhiishiigwaaning Nishnaabe kiing doonji-baami
Kchi-maaw-zhi e-koo-ya-yaang
Zhindaa debenjged maampii mnising, miinwa enweying
Miinwa mnidoo aadziwin, miinwa aki, nibi, noodin, miinwa shkode
Ngi miingo wii naagdowendmaang, kchi-piitendaagkin
Miinwa maanda aki, miinwa wii mno-di-nizying maampi kiing
miinwa wii mno-wiiji-aandiying ji gdi-binoojiinaanik miinwa waabiiyaajik

We are the people of Sheshegwaning, of the Odawa Nation of Anishinaabek, who have been here since time immemorial, placed upon this continent by the Creator along with the gifts of our language and spirituality, and religion, and the gifts of the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We have a sacred responsibility for the use and maintenance of these gifts and the gifts the land provides and to live in harmony with the land and with each other, for our children and future generations.

Constitution Development Project

February 22, 2016
Sheshegwaning First Nation faces an exciting opportunity, however it’s probably not the kind you’re thinking of. This opportunity that has been in the works for the better part of 15 years, is one that comes with a real chance at prosperity and sustainability. This opportunity is about Nation Building.
On February 20th 2016, Chief and Council were very proud to approve what we feel is a consultation ready draft of Sheshegwaning KChi-Naaknigewin (Constitution). KChi-Naaknigewin was drafted by the people of Sheshegwaning, for the people of Sheshegwaning, and makes strong statements about our identity, values and our right as sovereign people to govern ourselves.
Why should you care about KChi-Naaknigewin? It’s all about “Who’s calling the shots?” Right now it’s some bureaucrat at INAC. We have to rely on and abide by another government’s institutions and rules to get things done. We have an opportunity to change that. Through law-making and stable institutions of government, we can create an environment where we are calling the shots; one where we manage our own destiny instead of having it dictated to us.
In closing, I hope that we can count on your participation in this consultation process, and to join us again on August 6th 2016 to ratify Sheshegwaning KChi-Naaknigewin. Miigwech.
Chief Dean Roy,
Sheshegwaning First Nation

Membership Engagement Sessions

Toronto - March 7 2016 - Eaton Chelsea

Sheshegwaning - March 9 2016 - Sheshegwaning Community Complex

Sudbury - March 10 2016 - Best Western

Important Dates

March 24 2016 - Closing Date for Comments

August 6 2016 - Ratification Day

Approved Draft - February 20 2016

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