Energy Projects


In 2022, JAZZ Solar Solutions Inc. supported Sheshegwaning First Nation with an application for funding through the IESO's Education and Capacity Building (ECB) program. In January 2023, the IESO officially approved the application and awarded $125,000 of Funding. This project is expected to be complete by February 2024 and will provide training to the Community Energy Champion and 2 selected individuals. These 3 individuals will create the newly formed Sheshegwaning Energy Team. The training provided will be geared towards Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for the newly installed solar systems at the Band Office and Health Centre

Community Benefits

Sustainable green power managed effectively and by a dedicated community resource will generate cost savings from existing and potentially future power and provide permanent employment.

This promotes energy security and leads to self sufficiency over time. Sheshegwaning energy generation and conservation efforts will be community managed by knowledgeable staff familiar with the Communities needs and be responsive to the community input and decisions.

The benefits will include:

    • Monitoring and Analysis of Hydro Bills for system savings
    • Minimizing system downtime by recognizing alarms and their severity
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Basic Troubleshooting Operations
    • Well Managed Assets with Clear Reporting
    • Increased Energy independence and reliability

    Education and Capacity Building (ECB) Program

    Sheshegwaning First Nation is proposing a comprehensive training and skills building strategy to maintain and operate 2 micro rooftop photovoltaic systems (30kW) of solar and enable the Community with skills for future solar expansion.

    ECB funding will support the training and capacity expansion within the community through establishment of an Sheshegwaning Energy Team. The Energy Team will undergo comprehensive training and skills building strategy for the Energy Team to operate and maintain the newly installed photo voltaic systems within their Community. This training will focus on monitoring, processes, performance analysis, safety procedures, fault determination, preventative maintenance, and basic troubleshooting practices. The CEC and Energy Team will be trained with both base courses/workshops and applied training to ensure they can manage, operate and provide effective outreach and reporting to the Team, Council and Community.

    The Energy Team will be trained to provide regular updates through established reporting processes to Community members on the performance of the systems.

    The Energy Team, along with Firefighters, and building staff may receive a certificate by successfully taking the Solar Electricity Fire Safety Training provided by the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC).

    The CEC and Energy Team will attend 1 or more energy related conference for the purpose of capacity building. This opportunity allows the Energy Team to learn about new technologies, make new industry connections, and bring back ideas for future projects to the Community.