Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sheshegwaning Election 2019

Elected to the Office of Chief - Dean Roy Elected to the Office of Councillor - Alana Endanawas, Nicole Bush, Albert Cada, Marie McLeod


Sheshegwaning Election 2017

Elected to the Office of Chief - Dean Roy Elected to the Office of Councillor - Alana Endanawas, Nicole Bush, Gene Cada, Lance Panamick


Sheshegwaning Annual Pow Wow

Join us the 3rd weekend in June each year for our Annual Traditional Pow Wow.


Economic Development

Economic Development consists of several "sub departments" including Tourism & Marketing, Graphics, Environmental Management Systems, and Nishin Crafts. Economic Development works with Sheshegwaning Band Members in their efforts to start businesses without being a financial lender or mortgager by providing support, advice, encouragement and training

Contact Emilio Tomaselli, Econcomic Development Director, for additional information.

Nishin Lodge

Individuals can enjoy the remote wilderness atmosphere by staying at our Nishin Lodge. The lodge is located in the heart of a maple sugar forest. It is able to sleep 12 people comfortably which includes three private bedrooms and an upstairs open loft. There is also a comfort station attached to the lodge which allows visitors the accessibility to water, showers and washroom facilities. The lodge is open from April to November and to schedule a stay at the lodge please contact the Administrative Building's Economic Development Department @ (705) 283-3292.

Nimkee's Trail

Nimkee's Hiking Trail weaves its way along the northern shoreline and through hardwood forests and enormous fields. The trail is just over 20 kilometers long, and offers an abundance of wildlife and natural splendor to enjoy. The trail is available for anyone and maps can be located at the Sheshegwaning's Administrative Building and Gamiing Gas and Convenience store. The trail is accessible from April to October, however it is most remarkable during September and October for the autumn colours, be sure to take lots of pictures while on the trail.

Historically, Nimkee's Hiking Trail was developed by a local First Nation resident in the early 1900's, his name was Nimkee. He spent much of his time in the woods around Sheshegwaning in seclusion. Little is known about this individual, except that locals would see him once every season whenever he would venture in to the village for supplies. Nimkee would frequent different areas, depending on the season. Today, traces of this mysterious man known as Nimkee or "Little Thunder" can be seen by visitors who use the Nimkee Hiking Trail.

Experience the Nimkee Hiking Trail and enjoy the hospitality of Sheshegwaning. Hear traditional stories around the camp fire as you stay over night in one of the very many spots Nimkee once stayed.

Sheshegwaning Quarry (Odawa Stone LLP)

In 2004, Sheshegwaning First Nation purchased an existing quarry site designated at Lot 19, Concession 10, Robinson Township, Manitoulin Island. Sheshegwaning is located approximately 8 kilometers to the north of the property. The total size of the quarry is approximately 41.47 hectares. The products that are being purchased are typical dimension stone block size approximately 1.2 meters wide by 1.2 meters high by 2.4-2.7 meters long. The stone are considered landscape stone. Quarry operations are conducted on a seasonal basis, the production season is from May to October. The quarry competes in four distinct markets, these are:

  • Block dimension stone.
  • Dimension stone for processing into architectural products such as veneer panels, large format floor tiles and thin tiles
  • Dimension stone for processing into landscape specialties such as pavers, steps and sills.
  • Landscape blocks for use in heavy retaining walls, waterfall features and other large exterior landscape features.

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